Accrobranching in Provence

Accrobranching at Fontaine de Vaucluse

For the young, the young at heart, and Tom Cruise wannabes, Accrobranching is a great activity that takes place in the trees. Obstacle courses are set out 20 feet in the air between the pine trees, using cable walkways, rope bridges, beams, swings, and best of all, zip lines – this is the one where you clip yourself onto a gently angled cable and slide down it.

Although an Accrobranch course looks potentially hazardous, it is after all way up off the ground, if you obey the safety drill at the beginning, you will always have two points of contact between your harness and the cables, so you can’t fall even if you go to sleep.

There are several courses, colour coded from easy to the very hardest, black. So you can go as far as you feel comfortable before it gets too hard. The first course is suitable for young children. Minimum age is 6 years, and 1.15m in height (45 inches).

If you take on a course too far and get stuck, there is an impressive rescue system where an employee somehow gets to you and lowers you to the ground.

As an activity, especially if you are trying to impress someone, Accrobranching is tiring and adrenalin-pumping. Afterwards you will want a nice leisurely lunch or lie-down by the pool, preferably both.

You need to call ahead to book a time, as only a certain amount of people can use the course at one time. And you need to arrive on time so you can take part in the safety briefing. You will probably spend a couple of hours here.

Lagnes/Fontaine de Vaucluse
Tel : 04 90 38 56 87   or   04 90 20 29 94