Officially one of The Most Beautiful Villages of France, Seguret is a very well preserved, very Provencal village, whose architecture dates back into the 11th century. The remnants of its castle top the hill but the village itself does not make it far up the hill, it clusters like a low-slung belt near the base, which makes it one of the easiest hill-top villages to walk around, as long as you don’t go up the castle. Going up to the castle on the top of the hill makes Seguret one of the hardest villages to visit and is only worth it for the exceptional view over the vineyards and the Rhone valley.

A walk around the pleasingly car-free village takes you through the imposing 12th century arched entrance in the defensive wall, the porte Reynier; the beautiful 10th century church of Saint Denis; a 14th century belfry; an amusing baroque fountain, the fontaine des Mascarons which is a classified historical monument; the rue des Poternes with its ancient abodes.

What is going on behind those stone-framed blue shutters entwined with vines? Artisans are beavering away – making santons notably (small Provencal figures), or pottery, or art, or well-being products with local plants. Not for them the vista spreading out to the Cevennes, the foreground of vineyards ripening to produce the wine of Seguret and neighbouring Roaix. These wines you can taste several times a year when the winemakers offer free tastings at the restaurants of Seguret.