Beyond Bonnieux, on the way to Lourmarin as you head into the Luberon mountain, is the Foret des Cedres (cedar forest).

Cedar trees are not indigenous to France and this forest was man-made. In 1861 some chap brought back the seeds from the Atlas mountain in Morocco and planted them on the top of the Luberon. Today those seeds are responsible for a small forest across the top of the Luberon mountain, mixed with pine and green oak.

You can park up at the start of the cedars and take a walk through them and up to the path that runs along the spine of the mountain. If you are well armed with supplies and time you could walk all the way to Cavaillon at the other end of the Luberon mountain.

There are also many places where you can arrow down towards the north side - the Petit Luberon, for instance down to Menerbes or Oppede. Or you can do circular walks back to the car-park which would take between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

As you drive back down towards Bonnieux you pass a 'buvette' (snack bar) which is very nicely set, with high views over Bonnieux, and a very pleasant couple running it. They do omelettes, salads and tarts, nothing else, and what they do, they do well.