Luberon B&Bs (chambres d'hotes)

Why choose a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in the Luberon?
B&Bs, known as chambres d’hotes in French, differ in some important respects to a hotel or vacation/holiday rental house:

In a B&B you are renting a room in someone’s house, so the experience is somewhere between a vacation rental and a hotel;

B&Bs are usually as flexible as a hotel with regard to length of stay – you can stay for one night or more – whereas when you rent a house it is normally for a minimum of 1 week;

As the name suggests, breakfast is included;

If you want to get to know the owner or your fellow guests, a B&B allows this level of interaction, and you get a more personal service level than at a hotel;

Amenities that you typically pay for at a hotel are free at a B&B: parking, WiFi, breakfast, snacks, conciergerie services, a room with a view. And you do not tip at a B&B;

Price: there are luxury B&Bs too but you will pay less than you would for an equivalent room or suite at a hotel.

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