Where to find lavender in the Luberon:
the GPS locations for the best lavender pics


July is peak lavender season in Provence but where can you see the lavender in the Luberon? One option is just to drive around, you will come across lavender fields naturally, especially on higher ground. But here are some key locations to get a great photo of Luberon lavender in bloom, along with their GPS locations so you can easily find them.


Abbaye de Senanque, near Gordes

Lavender field in front of Senanque Abbey in Gordes, Provence
Abbaye de Senanque, Gordes


This is a signature image of Provence, so it gets busy here - come early or late to miss the crowds.

GPS location: 43.933147, 5.188588


Lacoste in the Luberon
Lacoste in the Luberon


There are a few fields below Lacoste that let you include this photogenic perched village in the background.

GPS location: 43.844829, 5.283633


Luberon village of Saignon from the east
Luberon village of Saignon from the east


Saignon is a very recognisable hill-top village of the Luberon, the one with the highest elevation above the valley below, and topped off by a look-out promontory which used to have a castle on top. The fields to the east of Saignon are planted with lavender, so the best time for a pic is in the morning when the sun is on the village facade.

GPS location: 43.861839, 5.425994


From the top of Menerbes, looking south
From the top of Menerbes, looking south


The fields to the south of the village of Menerbes have been turned from vineyard to lavender, so this provides a good shot of a lavender field with a hill-top village in the background. Alternatively, a vista from the upper village with lavender below.

GPS location: 43.833376, 5.204666


Lavender fields below Bonnieux
Lavender fields below Bonnieux


Looking down from the top of Bonnieux over the Luberon valley you see a patchwork of lavender, this is a nice picture in itself you can take your bearings and head down to get the picture of the field with wither Bonnieux or Lacoste in the background, depending on the time of day.

GPS location: 43.823517, 5.307929


If you head off to the northeast of the Luberon you can do a loop that takes in some top lavender destinations.


Lavender fields around Sault in Provence
Lavender fields around Sault


Sault is the lavender capital of the region, and hosts a lavender festival in August at the time of the lavender harvest. All around Sault the land is a patchwork of lavender fields. The best overall vista of this is on the D943 to the south of Sault, you will find there is a parking spot to pull over and admire the view with Sault to the right and the Mont Ventoux to the left.

GPS location: 44.056954, 5.395166


The perched village Aurel in Provence
The perched village of Aurel


Carrying on from Sault to the next village along, Aurel, this is another great picture of lavender plus perched village and mountain behind.

GPS location: 44.123287, 5.422806


Lavender field with tree in middle
Lavender field with tree at Aurel


Aurel also has a beautiful lavender field with a little oak tree in the middle, perfect for a more arresting lavender pic.

GPS location: 44.132853, 5.424253


Lavender field with two bories in Provence
Double bories at Ferrassieres


At Ferrassieres, a tiny village just to the east of Aurel, you get the added extra of two stone bories, or shepherd's huts, surrounded by lavender, which is a win-win for photos.

GPS location: 44.138263, 5.470852


Village of Banon with lavender field in front
Banon, famous for goat cheese


To the southeast of Aurel and Terrassieres is Banon, famed for its goat cheeses, and also a lavender hotspot.

GPS location: 44.032762, 5.635769


Lavender field before a Provence village
Simiane-la-Rotonde and its lavender field


Continuing south from Banon you get to Simiane-la-Rotonde, a beautiful perched village with lavender fields in front of it. The lavender is east of the village so you should come in the morning if you want sun on the facade of Simiane-la-Rotonde.

GPS location: 43.983328, 5.572141


Lavender field with stone hut
Typical, photogenic Valensole lavender field


If you want never-ending fields of lavender on a much bigger scale than you will find in the Luberon, you need to head east an hour or so to the Valensole plateau. This is lavender nirvana. Here you get the thicker, rounder lavender profile, with rows disappearing off to the horizon.

Endless fields of lavender near Valensole
Endless fields of lavender near Valensole


Valensole lavender field with tree
Valensole lavender


Lavender being harvested in Provence
Lavender harvest time is at the beginning of August

Where to stay amid the lavender in the Luberon


If you want to see lavender from your Luberon rental accommodation, here are some properties that either have their own lavender field or a view over one:

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