For a small village, Caseneuve has a surprisingly good restaurant
Caseneuve with its distinctive outline
The fountain in the square
Chateau de Caseneuve
The 18th century church of Saint-Etienne, Caseneuve
Caseneuve has commanding views over the Luberon valley

Caseneuve has been described as one of those villages that is lost in time, so little did the 20th century change it. A beautiful, 1000-year-old little village perched high on its hill, the one thing a ghost of the past would not have expected is that it now has a very good restaurant.

Caseneuve is dominated by its castle, which looks outsize considering the rest of the village, and indicates the ambition of the ruling family that built it in the 970s. This family, the Agoults, then moved on to other strongholds and took their wealth and connections with them, so the village never grew to catch up with the size of the castle. All that is left of them is their enigmatic motto: “Lilia sustentant turres” (the towers sustain the lilies).

Along with the castle there are also three defensive towers still standing amid the houses of Caseneuve, which formed part of the ramparts.

The outline of the village is very distinctive and can be seen from miles away along the valley. Conversely there is a majestic, far-reaching view from Caseneuve.

When you leave Caseneuve try to take the road to St Martin de Castillon, it will reveal the folds of the Grand Luberon mountain and is a lovely drive.