Flights to Provence

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The closest airports to the Luberon are Marseille (1 hour), Nimes (1hr 15), and Montpellier (1hr 40). These airports have direct flights from the UK and Europe, but not transatlantic.

Avignon airport is even closer, 40 minutes, but only has internal flights and the odd one from the UK.

The busiest airport in Provence is Nice, which does have non-stops from New York and Montreal, and Nice is 2.5 hours drive from the Luberon.

Flying to Provence from the USA

From North America, you will typically arrive in France at Paris CDG airport. From here or Paris itself you can catch the TGV fast train down to Avignon or Aix, or an onward flight to Marseille. The train takes 2 hours 40 minutes and the flight is 1 hour, so there is little difference in total journey time.