Getting here

From the UK

There are many low-cost flights from various UK airports to Marseille, Avignon, Nimes or Montpellier. On arrival you would rent a car to get around. British Airways also has flights from London Gatwick to Marseille, and if you book far ahead this would not necessarily cost more than a budget airline.

You also have the option of taking a Eurostar train to Lille and then TGV train down to Avignon or Aix. (You can also Eurostar to Paris but then you have to change station rather than platform as at Lille). On Saturdays there is a direct Eurostar train from London to Avignon that takes about 6 hours.

If you drive down from the UK you can take a ferry across the channel. It will take about 10 hours from Calais to the Luberon, given clear traffic conditions.

From the rest of the world

You will most likely fly into Paris CDG airport. From here you can connect to an Air France flight down to Marseille (1 hour), then rent a car to the Luberon (1 hour).

Perhaps the better option from Paris CDG is to take the train. The TGV (fast train) takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to Avignon TGV station. There you can rent a car from all the major companies, and be in the Luberon in 45 minutes.

Getting around in the Luberon

There is almost no public transport in the Luberon, just a few buses that run the main arterial route from Avignon to Apt. Renting a car is therefore essential if you want to see anything of the region. You could rent a bicycle and sightsee that way as the Luberon is small in size (though hilly). But for shopping or going out at night you will prefer a car.