Lavender House - Garden



The house is in 5 acres of land, including a lavender field at the edge of the terrace, and beyond that the endless acres of the Luberon. The pool is 11.5 x 4m (38 x 13ft) and set against the face of the sheltering rock, with a wooden deck and sunloungers.


From mid-June to early August the lavender field in front of the house is in bloom.

As well as the pool there an outdoor hot tub/jacuzzi, so along with the calm of the setting, this is a very relaxing house.


The deck terrace at the front of the house with dining and relaxation spots, leading down to the pool.

There are two spots for outdoor living - the terrace and deck to the front of the house, and behind the house amid the trees is the Moroccan terrace and outdoor hot tub/jacuzzi.


Dining table and lounging area have a verdant backdrop.

On the front terrace the dining table is carved from a single slab of wood and is shaded by a wrought-iron pergola. Next to this is the sitting area with sofa, armchairs and sunloungers.

The barbecue grill by the dining table. Outside dining and steps leading to the deck at the back of the house.

By the outdoor dining table is a stone-built barbecue/grill. There is a small, shallow river 100 metres from the house which is a good picnic spot.

At the back of the house, Moroccan sitting area, with jacuzzi halfway up the rock on the left, and a separate picnic spot in the woods (right).

To the back of the house is a deck terrace with Moroccan vibe for evening drinks, and up a few steps, built into the rock is the jacuzzi (hot tub) open to the night sky.


The house is sheltered by rock and trees, and in front are lavender fields which flower from late June to early August. Access is along a country path (no potholes) with gated access, so there is secure parking and not a sound but the birds and the breeze.