Lavender House - Living Room

Living Room


The living room with dining table, opening onto the terrace.

In this house the kitchen and living room connect, and from the living room you step out to the terrace and lavender field. If you like to play classical or jazz vinyl recordings at full volume without disturbing another soul, this is the house for you, on the shelves you will find a large library of records and a hi-fi with turntable. The house and setting make you feel like you could write, paint, or just contemplate here.


The living room is full of books and records, as well as a writing desk.

The living room is set round a stone fireplace framed by bookshelves. By the windows are a writing desk and printer. The house has WiFi internet and TV/DVD with French and English-language channels. There is air conditioning throughout.


Kitchen and dining table.

The kitchen is equipped with oven, 4-ring cooker, microwave, fridge-freezer, dishwasher, and in a separate room are clothes washing machine and dryer. There is a dining table in the living room and another one on the terrace.