Chateau de Goult - Bedrooms


The Chateau sleeps up to 14 people. There are 7 bedrooms (5 double, a twin and a single) and 6 bathrooms. The Tower Loft can accommodate up to 6 additional people.


Master Bedroom with its en suite bathroom (above right), with bathtub, walk-in shower, double basins, separate WC, and double aspect windows.

The Master Bedroom is on its own beyond one of the living rooms and has a large en suite bathroom. The bed was made in an epoch when 1.4m (4.5 ft) was considered a large bed. The other doubles are at least 1.8m wide (6 ft).

The master bathroom on the other hand was created in an era when we understand the pleasures of a very large, light bathroom, with jacuzzi bath and walk-in shower.

View from the master bedroom.



The Poterne Room with large bed and bathtub, bathroom through the double doors has shower and WC.

Shower room in the Poterne Room.

The poterne (postern) is the part of the castle that bridges over the road, and the Poterne Room (above) takes advantage of this large space to accommodate a 1.8m wide bed, a bathub and a unique marble and porcelain wash basin. There is a separate room with shower and WC.

The room has great views through big windows to the south, with the tower and the Luberon mountain, as well as over the rooftops.

Like in medieval times, there is no traffic on the road.

Poterne Room balcony.


Léone's Room with a large double and the option of a daybed that can be used as a single bed. And its view.
Leone’s Room is at the top level and is the first of a run of 3 bedrooms in a row. Each can connect to the corridor that runs outside them. The bathroom on the landing is shared between Leone’s and the Agnolo Room.

Twin room next to Léone's Room.

The Agnolo Room (left) has two single 19th century lits bateau and is next to Léone's Room.

The bathroom on the landing (right) has walk-in shower, basin and WC.

Below is the Doni Suite with double bed, an en suite single room, and bathroom with bathtub, basin, overhead shower and WC.

Bathroom on landing.



The large double bedroom in the Doni Suite (above), and its view (below left).

View from the Doni Suite.
The single room in the Doni suite.
The Doni suite bathroom.


The Simiane Suite can be a double or a dorm for 7 children, 

Across the corridor from these 4 bedrooms is another large bedroom, the Simiane Suite (left), which can be anything from one beautiful double for adults, to a kids' dorm for up to 7. There is a bathroom with shower, basin and WC in the castle turret by the Simiane Suite.

Down a level, in another part of the chateau, the oldest part, is the Dungeon Room (below). This was the first line of defence for the village against invaders, as the vertical archers' windows testify, and its walls are 6 feet thick. This ensures a remarkably cool and calm atmosphere in the summer. There is an en suite bathroom with walk-in shower, basin and WC (below right).

There is a guest WC downstairs.


The 900-year-old Dungeon Room and its contemporary bathroom.