Chateau de Goult - Garden


The chateau is at the top of the village in a very quiet setting, and has a beautiful walled garden with swim basin, as well as a higher terrace with Luberon view.



The chateau from the street.
Swimming pool in garden.
View from the pool.


The delightful garden has the generous shade of large trees, a circle of lawn, and places to eat and lounge. The pool of 8m x 2.5m (26 x 8ft) has naturally found its place in the old walls of the fortifications. It is perfect for a refreshing dip on a hot summer's day, and with the heat exchanger system it can stay at up to 26 degrees (78F) into October.




The south-facing garden is over three levels, with areas of shade and sun, and lawn, gravel and decking.

The chateau continues to evolve and the latest addition is the terrace pictured below which is between the house and tower, above the garden and pool.



The new terrace runs between the tower and house, and looks over the garden and pool.


The lower level of the garden, with lawn and dining.


The1st floor terrace is an afternoon suntrap with view over the roofs of Goult to the Luberon plateau and mountain.


The postern bridge. 

Another outside space is the terrace on the first floor (above), which is at the end of the corridor of bedrooms. There are table and chairs, and views over rooftops to the Luberon valley and mountain in the distance (right).

 The view from the first floor terrace over the top of Goult.


The tower at night.
View over the rooftops of Goult to the windmill.