Les Cyprés - Bedrooms


The house is available for a maximum of 6 people over the age of 6, and there are potentially 5 bedrooms. If there are young children bedroom 5 is not available due to the staircase.

Master bedroom with 2m-wide bed. Master bathroom with bathtub, WC and basin.

The master bedroom is upstairs with a 2m-wide (6.6ft) bed, and en suite bathroom with bathtub, WC and basin.

Bedroom 2 with 1.8m-wide bed.

Bedroom 2 (above) has a 1.8m-wide (6ft) double.

Bedroom 3 with 1.6m-wide bed.

Bedroom 3 (above) has a 1.6m-wide (5.25ft) bed.

Bedroom 4 with single bed. 

Bathroom with shower and WC for bedrooms 2, 3 and 4.

Bedroom 4 (above) is a single room with a 90cm-wide bed (3ft). Bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 are on the main floor and share the bathroom with shower, WC and basin.


Bedroom 5 has an en suite shower, WC and basin, and access to the garden.

Bedroom 5 (above), with double bed, is accessed either through bedroom 1 or from its own door to the garden. The en suite bathroom has shower, basin and WC. Due to the open staircase in this room it is not available when there are young children in the group.