Auberge du Fiacre

"It is a quaint, small streetside restaurant, lovely views of Bonnieux in the distance at night when sitting outside. Staff were obliging as there were a few errors to the orders throughout the night and they did not make too much fuss about changing anything, I would not quite go so far as to call the welcome "chaleureux", but gracious enough. Initially the food was rushed out a bit and some of our dishes had to wait for us to get to them but towards the end of the night as the place got busier, it took quite a while to get attention. The food was quite tasty with a few things such Pigeonneaux which offerred a touch of difference. The wine list offerred a good spread of wines from the area though some of the finer local wines were extremely expensive, being local wines and all. Overall the experience was satisfactory. "C'est correct" is the french approximation."

Claire Brent, Melbourne Australia, 2007
"Truly a family restaurant."

Jim and Barbara, Toronto
"I go here every year. The food is good, but it is the family that owns and runs it, and the lovely outside terrace, with its dappled light, that makes this a simple, but lovely, place to spend lunch."

JJ, 2007
"A great place, both in winter and summer. Lovely terrace, and very cosy inside. Delicious dishes, with lots of specialities from the region itself. Nice people, all very kind :) I'd go there everytime I'm in France."

Margaux Wuyts, Antwerp, Belgium, 2007
Auberge du Fiacre
Pied Rousset
04 90 72 26 31
Closed Wednesday, Thursday lunch 


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Noted for:
  • Cafe de la Poste
  • Romanesque church
  • Terraced gardens
  • 4 restaurants and cafés
  • Grocery, butcher, baker, wine store
  • Market day: Thursday