La Maison Gouin

"Maison Gouin started out as an upmarket delicatessen/butcher, then expanded to a dining room at the back, and also an outside eating space. That's not to say you will be eating in a shop - the restaurant part is separate and warmly decorated. You get what is on the blackboard, no choice except for the cheese. At lunch there is more choice because the shop is open and they can make what you want. Four courses come to 32 euros - for the quality that is very good. For the wine you go down to the cellar and pick a bottle yourself (the prices are marked). Food is good, very meaty, and filling.Maison Gouin is also a good place to buy high-quality food, other than fruit and vegetables, although it is not the cheapest shop in the world."

"Great food and value in an unpretentious setting. Very frequented by locals, always a good sign. Wish we had discovered it earlier in our stay, we definitely would have returned."

Sheryl Wright, 2007
"It is a bit of a surprise. First it is right on the main road in a little town that, for Provence where nice villages abound, has not got much to speak of. That is until you get out of the car and walk around a bit... If going at night, any night you must book, otherwise you are unlikely to get a table. The décor is very pleasing to the eye, and when you sit down they immediately bring you a cool glass of homemade orange wine. A very fresh and lovely start to the evening. Someone will then come and tell you what you will eat this evening. No menus, just a set 3-course meal + cheese and coffee. You are then invited to walk down to the cellar and select you wine. Do not hesitate to ask the owner which wine he would recommend with the meal. After all it is his cellar! The waiters will assist as well if asked. We had:
- Fillet of hare with a medley of mushrooms and baked apple.
- Self-serve cheese buffet with a variety of at least 20 different local cheeses.
- Baked banana slices on a homemade bread pudding with a scoop of chocolate ice cream on the side.

The whole meal was delicious from the first bite. If you are a vegetarian and warn them of this, at booking, they will accommodate you with seafood or vegetable dishes. If something unusual is on the menu such as venison and you would prefer not to have that, they might offer a simpler alternative. The cheese buffet is unexpected and quite impressive and dessert just a feat to the taste buds. All of this for a very reasonable 80 Euros for 2 people incl wine. Maison Gouin is a must try for anyone in search of a slightly different culinary experience. Highly recommended."

Claire Brent, Melbourne, Australia, 2007
"In addition to the excellent food and comfortable atmosphere, Maison Gouin uses quilted tablecloths for the table in winter, that drape over your lap for a very cozy evening of dining!"

Jill Schatz - 2009
La Maison Gouin
44 Route d'Apt
04 90 76 90 18
Closed Sunday and Wednesday, and part of the winter


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