Le Prevot

"A wonderful man and a wonderful experience. Highly recommended."

Jim and Barbara, Toronto - 2009
"Prevot is a very decadent restaurant, run by Jean-Jacques Prevot. We visited there for lunch one day, and were greeted by a very friendly waiter. We placed our order for aperitif, entree, main, and wine, and left him to it. Two appetisers came out one after the other with the aperitifs, followed by our entree, then main course. There was not a chance we could fit dessert in so we ordered coffee, and with it came a plate of goodies. All in all the restaurant is very generous with its free dishes, however it ought to be: The prices for the meals are quite extravagant. And while the meals were nice, we had much better food at other places for a fraction the price. You really pay for the atmosphere and the service here more than the food itself, from what we both found. There was a 130 euro fixed menu option that used truffles in all the dishes, however I don't know if I'd want to risk that kind of money when we weren't completely satisfied with our more simple dishes."

Brett, Australia, 2007
Le Prevot
353 avenue de Verdun
04 90 38 57 29


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