Le Provencal


A miserable experience. This is a place that unfortunately has the dominant position in Gordes, right in the middle with a south facing terrace. Its purpose seems to be to serve dreadful food to tourists who will never return. The food looked and tasted like it was made a long time ago and re-heated, even the pizzas and frozen desserts were terrible. Go elsewhere.

"Awful food, slow service. Felt a bit sorry for the young waiter who tried his best and seemed a bit embarrassed. The rest of the serving staff didn't care. Ordered chicken nuggets for my son which were served at a temperature close to frozen. My wife and I went for the 24 euro menu and both wished we had not! Wasn't convinced at the freshness. Very greasy and overall poor. Sometimes you have to try the bad to appreciate the good! At least that's my wife said....."

Will, England - 2012
"I could not wait to return to the Pizzeria in Gordes to relive many, many past fabulous meals on my recent visit to Provence! Visions of their "soupe au pistou" or their fabulous pizzas had been lingering in my mind for years. It was the first place my kids asked me about upon my return. Unfortunately...my meal was terrible!! In fact the only unpleasant meal I had in France. The surroundings were the same; a view of the town of Gordes (rather the traffic circle), many happy tourists drinking wine, and a busy terrace with staff running. However, the food was horrible. I finally got my mother to "just try" the toasted goat cheese on the salad and I promise you it was sour and probably spoiled. How do you screw up goat cheese? Then I got my steak that I had ordered medium rare and it was like a piece of thin rubber with a cool peppercorn sauce that tasted like it was straight out of a carton. The worst was the reaction of the staff when I went inside and left my plate outside as to not make a scene to let them know that it was beyond well done (charred) and could they kindly cook it as ordered. Instead a group gathered around me and argued with me about it's "cuisson"being fine. Oh goodness. More like thank goodness that I luckily had lived in France for over ten years in the past and know how wonderful the people are, the food is, and Provence is and found out that 'the Provencal Restaurant' had been sold to new owners years back. It still has a convenient, lively terrace and some of the food was good.....just keep it simple and cross your fingers and drink a lot of rose. (:"

Lisa T. de M, Houston - 2012


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Famous for:
  • Member of 'Most Beautiful Villages in France'
  • Senanque Abbey
  • Village des Bories
  • 19 restaurants and cafés
  • Grocery, butcher, baker, wine store
  • ATM
  • Market day: Tuesday