Le Vieux Bistrot

"Le Vieux Bistrot in Cabrieres d'Avignon used to be the Bistrot à Michel. Under the old regime it was a very good village restaurant, and received added interest when Peter Mayle sang its praises in A Year in Provence.The new owners are full of enthusiasm for good food and wine. The maitre d' could not be more charming. We were dithering over wine and he suggested something special which was not on the menu - it was 40 euros and for the price much better than the other bottles I recognised in that band.With dessert he whipped out a most unusual wine - a red pudding wine - offered on the house. It was a generous gesture, as there are only 8,000 bottles a year of the stuff made, and he did not know us at all.

There is a 48 euro menu with, for instance, scallops and Luberon lamb. Or a 35 euro menu with an assortment of mini-starters (such as oyster with smoked salmon, and pork cheek in lentils), then either cod in lentils or beef tenderloin for 2. Plus assorted desserts. If you only want 2 courses there is also a 29 euro menu where you pick and mix which two courses you want.We were well satisfied with the food, it was interesting and adventurously presented. You get the feeling it will be even better when they achieve a uniform consistency across all the many items that are brought to your table.The restaurant has been redecorated and is very attractive. It used to be a long, bright room crammed with film posters and photos. It is now a long, darker room with burgundy walls and more subtle pictures. There is a small bar at the entrance for locals who just want a drink, and in the summer you can eat in the pleasant walled-in garden at the back."

"We ate in the garden by the fountain on a warm, sunny day and enjoyed the most perfectly and simply grilled fish. We would definitely recommend this charming restaurant."
Sheryl Wright, 2007
"Returned here for dinner 3rd year in row - will not go back. Service slow, food mediocre. Place has really fallen off."
D. Hickey - 2009
"A strong focus for beef at this restaurant, and that's what I recommend you get here, as about 2/3rds of the tables had a big slab of gorgeous dark beef settling on their tables. We opted for the most expensive cote-de-boeuf, at €29 each for a two person portion. All the steaks come in a large, deep pan, sitting on top of slowly and deeply roasted potatoes, pungent with raw garlic and parsley.The owner was very concerned that the Vacqueyras €34 red wine I ordered was more tannic than I might expect, and pressed me to allow him to substitute another, which was both less expensive at €29, and quite fantastic (another cote-du-rhone)Highly recommended, with extremely collegial, informal service, and lots of hugging of regular diners by the owners.


John Buckman - 2009
Le Vieux Bistrot
Grande Rue
Cabrieres d'Avignon
04 90 76 82 08
Cabrieres d'Avignon


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