Canoe & kayak in the Luberon

Canoeing or kayaking down the Sorgue river is a fine way to spend a couple of hours cooling off and immersing yourself in nature. The Sorgue is a crystal-clear river that comes out of the ground at Fontaine de Vaucluse where your paddling adventure begins. You row downstream along a verdant avenue of trees to Isle sur la Sorgue, where a bus will bring you back to where you started. The river is a beautiful emerald green much of the way and you may spot a beaver or coypu, as well as drifting over the trout beneath you.

At certain points you can stop off and have a swim if you are bold – the water temperature is 13C/55F year-round. You should wear clothes that you can get wet in. Ask for one of the waterproof containers (bidon) when you rent your equipment, you can put any valuables, cameras, etc. in them.

There are two companies that you can do this with in Fontaine de Vaucluse, Canoe-Evasion and Kayak Vert. Kayak Vert starts a little further upstream and is more free-range – they give you your canoe/kayak and send you on your way, with their people standing by where help is needed to get down a drop in level. Canoe-Evasion does accompanied descents in groups of about 8 boats, with one supervisor. If you have never canoed or kayaked before you may prefer this, although it is an easy run.

This is a fun activity for families, there are boats for 1, 2, 3 or 4, depending on ages. A couple with 2 children under the age of 8 will fit into one boat. With children over 8 you either go into two boats for 2, or they can take their own boat.

You need to book a time slot, for Canoe-Evasion you need to be on time as you will be part of a group leaving together. Kayak Vert has a more relaxed attitude but you should still book a time. Canoes and kayaks down the Sorgue run from late April to end October.

KAYAK VERT Fontaine de Vaucluse Tel : 04 90 20 35 44 Cell : 06 88 48 96 71

CANOE-EVASION Fontaine de Vaucluse Tel: 04 90 38 26 22