Falaise de Lioux hike

an easy Luberon hike


This is a fairly easy Luberon hike that takes you to the small village of Lioux and then along the top of this amazing rock cliff that seems to rise up out of nowhere. We love this hike because the cliff is so unexpected (and not visible from the south) and the views are so special.

Time: Two-and-a-half hours.

Conditions: A little bit of road-walking, then along a farm road/dirt path. Gradual ascent to the top of the falaise, then walking on rocks on top of the cliff. Easy descent.

Map: IGN Blue map - 3242 OT (Apt) - on the very edge of this map.

The Route

  • Follow signs to the village of Lioux and park in the small square near the mairie (town hall) under the plane trees.

  • Head away from the direction from which you arrived, taking a left on a little road that runs into another road running along the bottom of the falaise. You'll very briefly rejoin the main road, but then take a right on a little path/road marked with blue trail markings. Take this along the foot of the falaise until eventually you reach a large farmhouse on the left (Ferme La Verrerie). Take a path on the right that takes you up to the top of the falaise.

  • Once on the top, walk along the top of the falaise, following the green trail markings. Just keep heading more-or-less toward the other end of the cliff. The views in both direction are absolutely breathtaking, but be sure to watch your step!

  • Finally you will reach the "Ancien Moulin de Lioux," which now appears to be a restored home. Once there, take a road on your right that heads back down to Lioux, eventually running into the main road near the cemetery. This takes you back to the little square in the village.