St Veran hike

an easy Luberon hike


This walk is a bit off the beaten path but provides an overview of so much of what makes the Luberon special: a tiny hamlet, vineyards, an ancient church, bories, an old lavoir, amazing views.

Time: Two-and-a-half hours.

Conditions: Easy walk through woods and vineyards. Some road walking, and just one steep part.

Map: IGN Blue map - 3142 OT (Cavaillon).

The route

  • From the D900 at Lumieres, take the D106 toward Lacoste. Follow the signs to Maquignons, Chateau Edem (a big winery), and Saint-Veran church. Park in the hamlet of Maquignons, just across from the entrance to Chateau Edem.

  • Take the paved road heading toward the Chapelle de Saint-Veran, passing through the hamlet of Maquignons. Follow the signs toward the chapel (built in the 11th or 12th century). A little after this, take a little path blazed with yellow waymarkings that descends on your right, heading down past a house and a farm to the D106. Turn left on the road, then almost immediately head off left again on little tarmac road.

  • Follow along this path, looking for the yellow marks. Before you arrive at a big house called "Beau Report," take a little track on your left that heads off through the woods. (Watch carefully as the first time we did this hike, this is where we missed the turn.) You'll eventually come out on a big new road that climbs on up the steep hill.

  • Turn left on the road and follow it as it curves up and around, finally coming to a crossroads called "Les Artenes." Take this path in the direction of Lacoste.

  • After a stone ruin, take a left on a wide path. You'll come right alongside a beautiful restored home that incorporates a couple of bories. After this, take the second path on the left marked in yellow.

  • Follow along the plateau looking out over the plain. Don't take the path on the left that goes down. Stay on the path marked in yellow, looking down over the beautiful Chateau Edem, until finally you come to the lavoir de Fontpourquire. Then take the paved road on the left.

  • You'll come down into the hamlet of Saint-Veran, finally reaching the D106 again. Turn left and follow the road past the vineyards of Chateau Edem and back to your car.