Bonnieux market

Small but delightful and picturesque, Bonnieux market takes place on Friday mornings. The stalls start around the 'new' church at the bottom of the hill where you will find art, fabrics and clothes, then it wends its way up the hill with straw bags, leather goods, tapenades and jams, and up to the square where food is the keynote.

Here the sights and scents turn you into a buying machine and suddenly you find yourself grabbing one of those colourful shopping baskets and filling it with wild strawberries and a Cavaillon melon, wild boar sausage and the freshest goat cheeses along with the most mature, some shrimp for the barbecue, tomatoes and basil for the aperitif, along with olive tapenade, anchoiade thick with anchovy, and an asparagus quiche. And yes, why not, a panama hat, as the sun is getting high overhead.

But now the basket is full to overflowing with all things Provence and it is time to head home and feast upon its contents.