The Luberon with kids

fun activities for the whole family


If you are visiting the Luberon with children here are some great Luberon kids’ activities to keep them entertained, while not forgetting their parents.

Canoeing on the Sorgue river

Kayak down the Sorgue

Canoeing or kayaking down the Sorgue river is a great half-day Luberon activity.

Accrobanching at Fontaine-de-Vaucluse


Accrobranching is like an obstacle course in the trees with walkways, rope bridges, swings, nets and zip lines, all strung up between pine trees.

Ansouis castle entrance


Every village in the Luberon was built around a castle and today the remains of these castles vary from a few stones to complete preservation.

Giraffes at Barben Zoo

Barben Zoo

You probably don’t like zoos, but your kids probably do. Barben Zoo is not a bad compromise as the animals are not locked in cages.

Jarditrain, St Didier


An amazing model railway in a train enthusiast's garden.

Puddle in Thouzon cave

Thouzon cave

A dramatic cave going 230 metres into the rock, with stalactites and stalagmites all around.

Chateau La Coste

A vineyard walk with world-class art works and sculptures, as well as great wine.