Tiny and totally authentic

St-Martin-de-Castillon is a tiny village on the road less travelled to the east of Apt, where the vineyards of the Petit Luberon give way to the lavender and rolling hills of the Grand Luberon. The village is perched on the side of a hill, with spectacular views over the valley and the Luberon mountain to the south.


There is very little to St-Martin-de-Castillon - a bar and a grocery store (with the village essential of daily bread) are the amenities. But also, and this indicates somewhere with a real community, a municipal swimming pool.

You may not make a point of heading to St-Martin-de-Castillon for a look around, but if you find yourself there you will enjoy a wander up through the narrow streets. You may also enjoy the total authenticity of a village with no touristic features, unless you like chapels with centuries of unexceptional history behind them, and centuries more to come. There are four of these in St-Martin-de-Castillon, and they or may not be open.

You can use the village as a launchpad for country hikes, the surrounding landscapes are beautiful and rugged in every direction.

AMENITIES IN St-Martin-de-Castillon

Bar | Grocery Store